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David Ige will do the “right thing the right way” | Facebook | Twitter | Volunteer | Contribute

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David Ige for Governor 2014
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David Ige discusses the environment | Facebook | Twitter | Volunteer | Contribute

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+ Ige-Tsutsui 2014 | Facebook | Twitter | Volunteer | Contribute

Ige-Tsutsui 2014 | Facebook | Twitter | Volunteer | Contribute

Sierra Club endorses David Ige

The Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed David Ige for governor, and his running mate. Shan Tsutsui.

“Senator Ige is committed to preventing climate change and taking realistic steps to adapt to it,” said Scott Glenn, Chair of the Sierra Club, Hawaii Chapter. “We have confidence that Senator Ige will move Hawai`i toward a more sustainable future when he is elected governor. He supports efforts to modernize Hawai`i’s electrical grid and facilitate increases in rooftop solar. Ige is supportive of local agriculture, and wants to complete the process of identifying, prioritizing and protecting agricultural lands to ensure that they are used effectively to produce food for local consumption. He is committed to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species, and wants to stabilize funding for the invasives inspection program. Senator Ige was also involved in the development of the State Water Code, and understands the importance of protecting our water resources for future generations.” | Facebook | Twitter | Volunteer | Contribute

Ben Cayetano talks about David Ige

Ben Cayetano talks about David Ige, Hawaii State Senator running for Governor. David has the respect of people who served with him, which enables him to bring people together to achieve certain goals and objectives. He doesn’t lecture people. And it’s not like David is “it’s my way or the highway” so he is very accommodating in that sense. But he has a strength of character when it comes to certain kinds of issues and positions that he believes in. I don’t always agree with David but I respect him because of the way he operates. | Facebook | Twitter | Volunteer | Contribute