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"We will watch closely as this legal challenge proceeds through the courts.  It is premature to comment on its merits, but one thing is clear: Kansans have no use for extremist politicians like Kris Kobach who continue to put partisan politics before what is best for Kansans.

Where was Kris Kobach Wednesday afternoon anyway?  Chad Taylor had been trying to reach Kris Kobach all day.  Where was he?  Taylor went to the Kobach’s office at 4 o’clock, and Kris Kobach was nowhere to be found.  Maybe he was out trying to get people to self-deport themselves.  Maybe he was out trying to suppress voters’ rights.  He surely wasn’t in his office working.

Kobach ignored multiple career employees of the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office who confirmed that the letter of withdrawal submitted by Chad Taylor was sufficient to remove his name from the ballot. In fact, these employees physically removed Chad Taylor’s name from the Kansas Secretary of State’s official list of candidates.

Kris Kobach continues to ignore what is best for Kansas to do what is best for Kris Kobach. Regardless of the outcome of this legal challenge, Kansans deserve a Secretary of State whose first priority is protecting our open and free elections, not bending the rules to serve his partisan political agenda.”

Governor Sam Brownback made the largest funding cut to Kansas schools in state history and declared it a “victory” for Kansas. He pushed through a tax experiment that caused our state’s credit rating to be downgraded. Kansas job growth is lagging our neighboring states and the nation. We ranked 45th last year in new business creation. Yet Governor Brownback wants to “hit the accelerator” on his agenda. We need to go in a new direction.

Really, Governor Brownback?


The state’s largest teachers union on Monday said it would file a lawsuit challenging the recently approved school bill that repeals tenure rights for public school teachers, gives tax breaks for corporations that provide private-school scholarships and allows some people to teach without an education degree.

Margie Wakefield, Democrat for U.S. House of Representatives, Kansas 2nd District