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Paul Davis for Governor 2014
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Kansas, our economy literally cannot afford four more years of Sam Brownback.

How bad is this legislation? The Missouri School Boards Association, Missouri Association of School Administrators, Missouri National Education Association, Missouri State Teachers Association, American Federation of Teachers, Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals and the American Federation of Labor oppose Amendment 3.

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Naked Truth- Kelly Kultala For Congress

"Mr. Kobach runs the Office of the Secretary of State like a laboratory for legal experimentation. While this may be interesting for Mr. Kobach, it is an embarrassment for most of us. We cannot afford a secretary of state who would rather work in a courtroom, leading Kansas into an endless string of lawsuits. We want someone who is in the office doing the job full-time. We want someone who will help people to comply with the law instead of using them as an opportunity to end up in a courtroom. We want someone who will work for the people of Kansas, not against us…"