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+ Tim Huelskamp is quoted as saying all the calls he’s getting about DOMA have been supportive of his vile, bigoted, anti-LGBT beliefs. It’s time he hears from us.

Tim Huelskamp is quoted as saying all the calls he’s getting about DOMA have been supportive of his vile, bigoted, anti-LGBT beliefs. It’s time he hears from us.

Kansas’ disastrous budget draws criticism

A Message From Kansas House Democratic Leader Paul Davis

My Fellow Kansans,

On Tuesday, the Kansas Republican Party took another hard right turn away from the “middle of the road” politics that have served our state so well for many decades.  This path is being forged by Governor Sam Brownback, who has sent a clear message to Kansas Republicans:You must be in 100% agreement with my agenda or I will take you out.

Today the face of the Republican party is more anti-public school, more anti-worker, more anti-woman and more anti-middle class than ever before.  This is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, Bill Graves and Nancy Kassebaum.

What does this mean for Kansas? Well, the parents who are preparing to send their child back to school later this month should be worried.  The worker who is desperately trying to find a job to provide for his family should be worried.  The woman who believes that her health care decisions should be made by her instead of government should be worried.  And the senior citizen on a fixed income who is struggling to keep his home as a result of rising property taxes should be worried.

The good news is the 2012 election is far from over. The welcome mat is front and center at the Democratic Party in Kansas. We stand ready to ensure that our schools are supported and bolstered by this Legislature so that the children of Kansas can receive the education they need to move our economy forward.  We stand ready to fight the new Republican Party that wants to attack our schools and leave a generation of Kansas children behind. We stand ready to advocate for middle class taxpayers and over the next three months we will take the fight to Republicans over who really believes in tax fairness.  We look forward comparing our plan to cut property taxes with the Brownback tax plan that simply enriches the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

Senator Hensley, myself and Democratic legislative candidates across the state want the people of Kansas to know that if you share our Kansas values and if you want an alternative to the Brownback Agenda, you can - and should - join us. There is still time to send a message to Sam Brownback that neither our votes nor our values are for sale.

Paul Davis
Kansas House Democratic Leader

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