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Joni Ernst: Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theorist

Statement on Joni Ernst and the Republican primary in Iowa

"When you peel back Joni Ernst’s unusual ads, you find a rigid, ideological partisan with an agenda that is bought and paid for by outside special interests and out of step with Iowans. Her rigid partisanship and support for the federal government shutdown not only won her the support of Sarah Palin, but proved that Joni Ernst is the Sarah Palin of Iowa who would bring more gridlock and dysfunction to Washington. Her hyper-partisan agenda is bought and paid for by outside special interests who support her efforts to privatize Social Security, end Medicare as we know it, deny reproductive choices even in cases of rape and incest, and eliminate the federal minimum wage. Washington special interests spent millions to help Joni Ernst secure the Republican nomination, even spending more than the candidate herself. A rigid partisan may have been the winning formula for this primary, but it is a recipe for defeat come November."