Dem Newswire - Public Supports All Major Gun Law Proposals Except Arming Teachers

The only unpopular policy idea to help stop gun violence is the only one that’s really been enacted since the Newtown school shooting. A Pew Research Center poll released Monday finds that a majority of Americans support eight of the major gun-related proposals floated both nationally and at the state and schoolboard level since the December shooting: background checks for all gun sales, blocking the mentally ill from buying guns, a federal gun sale database, armed guards or police in schools, a semi-automatic weapons ban, an assault-style weapons ban, a high capacity magazine ban, and a ban on buying ammo online. That’s right, even the National Rifle Association’s proposal to put an armed officer in every single one of America’s 99,000 public schools has the support of 64 percent of Americans. But a majority opposes the one gun-related proposal that seems to have the most momentum — 57 percent of Americans oppose giving teachers and school officials guns in in schools.

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