Dem Newswire - Announcing: AAPIs for Obama on Dashboard

We’re building the AAPI for Obama community every day — and now, there’s a special new tool that’ll help people in our communities get ready to vote.

We can all meet up in our online field office when you join Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Obama on Dashboard.

If you don’t have a Dashboard account already, it will take only a couple seconds to get you up and running.

Dashboard is a brand new way to organize, coordinate, and reach out at the grassroots level. We can make calls, organize house parties and canvasses, and check in as a team to plan our next steps. I hope you and fellow AAPI supporters of the President can help roll it out.

We have a unique role to play in this election, and now we have the tools to make sure our community has President Obama’s back once voting starts. So¬†join us on Dashboard today, and let’s start putting this new field office to work.

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    The Obama Administration is increasing their military presence in the Pacific and liberalizing Asian-Pacific countries...
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